• Cutters - clay - CUCL01

Cutters - clay - CUCL01


This stylish and convenient set of cutters is the perfect bit of kit for any baker, whether you're an expert or normally just help by licking the spoons! While these are perfect for cookies, they can also be used for giving a fun twist to much more; you can cut brownies, sandwiches, or stuffing into great new shapes, or use them as moulds and cutters to shape vegetables. You could even use them as guides to sprinkle decorations over anything you like, from cakes to dips, or use them as part of your arts and craft kit.

There are five different size cutters in this set from 5.5 to 9.5 cm in diameter, each with a smooth and scalloped edge. These neat little utensils nest cosily within each other in the Clay colour box, safely and smartly stored away until you feel that undeniable urge for cookies once more!

Dimensions: H10 x Diameter 11cm
Crafted in Powder Coated Steel
Cutters are Stainless Steel


Cutter sizes as follows:

1. 9.5cm

2. 8.5cm

3. 7.5cm

4. 6.5cm

5. 5.5cm