Saturday Brunch

Saturday Brunch Menu from 12-2.30pm

This Menu started 8th July, 2017

Saturday Brunch at The Ridgeway Bar and Kitchen

Lunchtime Set Menu Options

Please note the new Two-Course Set Lunch at £11.95 and the Evening at £17.95 Set Menus are not online as they change regularly.
These set-price Menus are available from Monday to Saturday for the Lunchtime and Monday to Thursday for the Evening version. 


Bread baked by Bruno of Caerleon, Netherland Farm butter & rapeseed oil - £1 ½

Snaffling Pig Pork Scratchings: -
- Salted, Black Pepper, ‘Hot to Trot’ Habenero Chilli or BBQ - £1.50 
- Ham and Coleman’s Mustard - £1.70

Marinated olives £2
Mr Filberts simply sea salt assorted nuts £1.60 / dry roasted peanuts £1.10


Smoked Salmon, lillyput capers, pea shoots, picked shallot rings, rye bread (df) £7 ¾
Calamari, lemon & dill mayo, mixed salad (df) £6 ½
Heirloom tomato & buffalo mozzarella bruschetta  (V) £6
Seasonal Soup (V) £6
Perl Las Cheese, Pear, Walnut, Mixed Leaf Salad  (V) £6 ½
Glamorgan Sausages, Red Onion Marmalade, Mixed Salad  (V)  £6 ½
Welsh Rarebit, Smoked Streaky Bacon, Mixed Salad £6 ½
Speck smoked Ham, Duck Egg, Parmesan, Rocket (df) (gf) £7


Eggs Benedict & Chips
Home-cooked Carmarthenshire Ham, two poached hen’s eggs, toasted muffin, hollandaise sauce, triple cooked chips £10 ¼ 

Eggs Royale & Chips
Smoked salmon, two poached hen’s eggs, toasted muffin, hollandaise sauce, triple cooked chips £10 ¼
American Pancakes
Stack of five with toffee sauce & vanilla ice-cream or with crispy bacon and maple syrup £8 ¼
Brioche French Toast
Served with fresh berries and cream or bacon and maple syrup £8 ¼
Caramelised goats cheese, Onion, Olive, Pepper Tart, Rocket Salad (V) £10
Fish 'n' Chips £11 ½
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (df) £12


From the Grill

(All served with grilled tomato, mushrooms and our Triple cooked Chips)
Rib Eye 227g  (df) (gf)  £20
Flat – Iron 227g (df) (gf)  £16
Fillet 170g (df) (gf)  £28
Sauces  – Peppercorn / Blue Cheese / bearnaise (all gf) £2 ¼
6oz Beef burger, bacon, cheddar, picked onion rings £12 ½
Corn & Chickpea burger, halloumi, roasted pepper, Pickled onion rings (V) £11 ½

Sides £3

Broccoli, Chilli & Garlic (gf)
Tripled Cooked Chips (gf) (df)
Picked Onion Rings
Minted Peas (gf)
New Potatoes (gf)
Roasted Beetroot Salad, Mint, Balsamic (gf) (df)
Tom, Red Onion & Basil Salad (gf) (df)


Summer berry trifle £5 ¾
Vanilla Creme Brulee £5 ¾ 
Coconut Panna Cotta w Chilli Pineapple & Coriander £6 ½
Chocolate mousse, honeycomb, salted caramel £6
Cheese Board, Chutney, Wafers, Quince Paste £9
Selection of Ice Creams £5 ¾
Affogato: a scoop of fine welsh vanilla ice-cream, a shot of our own coast-roasted Story Coffee gourmet espresso £4